National media identifies "Coach-2" as Rick Pitino

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CBS News is reporting that "Coach-2" mentioned in the affidavit regarding a recruiting scandal at the University of Louisville is Coach Rick Pitino.

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On page 21, the documents discuss "Coach-2" on at least two occasions. In one case, the documents say AAU coach Jonathan Augustine was talking about making payments to Player-11 and his family when he said "all {Coach -2"} has to do is pick up the phone and call somebody, and say 'these are my guys,' they're taking care of us." The documents say Coach-1 explained that "{Coach -2} is not a guy to have his own agent already set up" so Coach-1 would have to steer athletes to particular advisors.

On the following page of the legal document, it says the participants continued to discuss the involvement of "Coach-2" in securing funding from "Company-1" but this time, for "Player 10." It says that Christian Dawkins, who works for a sports management company, told the group that a rival athletic company had to come to "Player 10's" family. Dawkins said that he had spoken with "Coach-2" about getting additional money for the family and that he told "Coach-2" to contact Jim Gatto at "Company-1."

The agent who prepared the document said around May 27, 2017, James Gatto had two telephone conversations with a number used by "Coach-2." He went on to say that Gatto had a third conversation with the same number on June 1. Two days later, agents said 'Player-10" committed to "University-6" in return for "Company-1" providing his family with $100,000.

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