Neb. trooper keeps little girl calm after accident by talking about ‘Frozen’

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WATERLOO, Neb. (Gray News) – Don’t underestimate the power of dad skills.

Elsa is one of the star characters of the Disney animated feature "Frozen." (Source: The Walt Disney Company)

Nebraska State Patrol Trooper Steven Sosnowski put them to use this week when he responded to a mom and her kids whose car had slid into a ditch about 20 miles west of Omaha.

As he was getting one of the children set up in her car seat, Sosnowski noticed the girl was wearing a “Frozen” sweatshirt.

“Is that Elsa?” he asked, trying to keep her mind off the scary scene. “I know Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf.”

Perking up, the little girl added, “And Kristoff and Sven.”

“Oh, I love Sven,” the trooper said as he finished getting her buckled in.

Good job, Trooper Sosnowski. Keep those dad skills sharp.

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