Disney World announces opening date for Toy Story Land

Photo: Disney/Pixar (MGN Online)
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ORLANDO, Fla. (WKYT) - Toy Story Land, a Disney World attraction based on the "Toy Story" films, will open at Disney's Hollywood Studios June 30.

The land will serve as an expansion of the popular Toy Story Mania! ride, inviting guests to explore Andy's backyard with popular characters from the film. Andy is the character who owned the toys in the popular movie franchise.

Attractions opening on June 30 include Slinky Dog Dash, a family roller coaster where people ride inside Slinky dogs, and Alien Swirling Saucers, a carnival-like ride with people flying in toy spaceships.

Woody's Lunch Box, a fast food diner, will replace the former Pizza Planet restaurant. Additionally, a second entrance and third track will be added to Toy Story Mania!

Toy Story Land will also feature Tinkertoy lampposts, Green Army Men and other toy-like design elements.

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