New Kentucky driver license rollout to begin in days

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Barring additional delays, Kentucky appears to be days away from offering its new driver licenses to some in the state.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the rollout will begin in Franklin County June 28. This is considered the pilot phase of the program, which looks to make Kentucky compliant with federal standards going in place in October 2020. Kentuckians will need the new identification cards by that date if they want to travel on domestic flights or enter a military base.

Franklin County driver license offices will be closed June 27 so workers can install new equipment.

Woodford and Hart counties are expected to be the next to offer the new identification cards.

People applying for the new licenses will need documentation identifying their identity, social security number and residency. Existing licenses are still valid until their expiration dates. If a cardholder is unable to renew until after the October 2020 deadline, he or she can request a new Voluntary Travel ID to board flights or enter military bases.

The new IDs will have doubled lifespans, and the cards will be delivered by mail.

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