New Lexington residents worried Florence will damage old home in S.C.

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Bob Baney and his wife Peggy moved to Lexington two weeks ago after spending 20 years living in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

They didn't know at the time they'd be leaving the Palmetto State so close to a major hurricane.

"It goes without saying, we're happy as all get out that we're up here," Baney said.

They're trying to sell their old house, but now they're worried about what Florence will do to it.

Last year, Hurricane Irma knocked down two big trees on their property, but fortunately, their home was spared.

"We're concerned, we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best, but we didn't have to make an evacuation this year. They're already here in Lexington," said Baney's son, also named Bob.

The elder Baney said he is worried about old friends and neighbors now in the path of the storm.

"It's nature roaring back at us, and I wish it didn't do it in such a violent way, but I don't make the rules," Baney said.

Baney's son told WKYT his parents do have hurricane insurance in case anything does happen to their house.

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