New group comes to Kentucky in hopes of finding Savannah Spurlock

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) – Members of the midwest chapter of a Texas-based group have traveled to central Kentucky to help bring new eyes to the search for Savannah Spurlock.

David Rader, with Texas Equusearch Ohio is no stranger to the Kentucky area, last having been in the state helping to track down murdered northern Kentucky couple, Bobby Jones and Crystal Warner.

"Unfortunately, since I've been here so many times, this is almost like my backyard," Rader said. This time, he’s focused on finding Savannah Spurlock.

Last seen leaving a Lexington bar, Spurlock’s last known location is a home in Garrard County. Police have interviewed the three men she was with, but so far search crews haven’t come any closer to finding answers.

Meeting with Richmond investigators Wednesday, Rader has received a briefing on the case.

"As they're going on with the investigation, of course, then we can be their eyes and their ears and cover the ground that they can't. It saves them a lot of steps. While they're performing the investigation to put us in the right areas, we're already on the ground with what we need such as ATVs, horses, we've used drones. I've got remote controlled sonar units," Rader said.

Texas Equusearch teams will be out searching early Saturday morning, although it's not clear where, just yet. Search teams will meet at 8 a.m. at the Hyattsville Baptist Church in Lancaster. Volunteers are being accepted to help in the search. For more information, click here.

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