Nicholasville Police looking for truck theft suspect, woman who may be with him

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Nicholasville Police are asking for help locating Joseph "Jody" Wilson, 49.

Joseph Wilson (Photo: Fayette County Detention Center)

Wilson is accused of stealing a red 2017 Chevrolet pickup (Kentucky license plate 476-XTJ) Monday morning.

Police say a woman believed to be Wilson's ex-wife may be with him.

Officers have attempted, unsuccessfully, to contact the woman and they are concerned for her safety.

"She may be OK. We're just not sure. We want to talk to her and make sure that everything's fine," said Sgt. Kevin Grimes with Nicholasville Police.

"She is a person who has taken out some domestic violence orders against Mr. Wilson and has also filed some charges where he's violated that order, so we just want to make sure she's OK and of her own free will."

Wilson has a lengthy criminal record and warrants outstanding in several counties, police said.

Wilson is a native of Garrard County, but officers do not know where he may have gone. Grimes said arresting Wilson usually presents a challenge.

"I don't think [Wilson] ever goes peacefully," said Grimes. "I think there's always a challenge when we have to arrest Mr. Wilson and you know, depending on how he feels that day or how the situation goes, you know, he may try to run, he may just give up, we just don't know."

Police said if you see Wilson, do not try to stop him yourself and instead call 911.

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