Non-profit paying deductible costs for Lexington teen who received prosthesis

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One amputee is surprising another by helping to pay for a prosthetic leg.


For one teenage girl, this new leg is a game changer as she puts a new foot forward in accomplishing her goals in life.

At 15, Harleigh Spartman shouldn't have to be learning to walk on a new leg, but life isn't always fair.

"I used to really love running," Spartman said.

It was two years ago when cancer took her leg. So the steps she took today were pretty big ones.

"She's been wanting a running leg since the beginning," said Harleigh's mother, Angela Spartman.

Whatever burdens she's carrying, the cost won't have to be one of them, thanks to Jenn Andrews, a woman who knows exactly what Harleigh is going through.

Andrews lost her leg to sarcoma in March of 2018. As an avid runner, she wanted to help other amputees stay active, so she started an organization to bridge the gap that insurance doesn't cover.

She paid the rest of Harleigh's deductible so she can get back to being active.

"I wanted to be able to run again, I wanted be able to do races again," Andrews said. "I quickly learned how expensive it was to be a young active amputee."

Harleigh is the seventh person they've helped, the first pediatric case.

"I knew I would never be able to afford it for her," Angela said. "And I'm just so happy. That's the only thing she hasn't been able to conquer-- is running. And she wants to run so bad."

You can learn more about that organization at