Missing Lexington teenager found safe in Tennessee

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After being missing for three days, the parents of a Lexington teenager say he has been found safe in Tennessee.

"The last few days have felt like three months," Broghan's dad, Nick Jump, said.

They say Broghan Lorentz, 17, was found Saturday morning in Knoxville. His parents say he called them from a Greyhound bus station there.

Broghan said, "They said that they loved me and that they missed me and that they really did want me to come home and that they could get me help, they could help me figure everything out, and there was just so much love in their voice. That's pretty much when I just knew it was time to come home."

Officials say Broghan left his home on Lauderdale Drive near Veterans Park late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Family members say Broghan has Tourette's and a frontal lobe disorder, which they say impacts his decision-making.

"He has good manners, he doesn't know a stranger," said Anitra Jump, Broghan's mother. "But he also doesn't know when he'd be in a dangerous situation."

More than 40 police recruits spread out in the area near Veterans Park on Friday afternoon searching for Lorentz. Police also searched from their helicopter in the air.

Volunteers also spent much of Saturday morning searching, until the news came that Broghan had been found safe.

Broghan said, "It's amazing. Honestly, I mean, not even 10 minutes before I called home I thought I was going to be heading out to Colorado and when I called home I just felt this overwhelming need to go home and see my family. It's great to be back somewhere familiar, somewhere where I have people who I know care about me and it's just completely indescribable."

A candlelight vigil had been scheduled for Broghan Sunday afternoon at 4 in front of Veterans Park Elementary School. However, organizers said it would turn into a "welcome home" party if he was found safe.

His mom, Anitra Jump, said, "We're excited to get to share him with the community. We know how great Broghan is and how special he is and now I think he knows it a little bit better. Now, we get to share him with the community tomorrow when everybody comes out at four and just let people love on him the way they've loved on us."

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