On Uniquely Kentucky: Bourbon Archaeologist, Nick Laracuente

Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 8:40 PM EDT
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Bourbon is just one of the things Kentucky is known for and its history is as rich as its taste.

The stories behind the bottles though are an even bigger part of the experience.

We know the distilleries of today, but what about those distilleries of days gone by and the stories that may have went with it.

One man is using his love of history and archaeology to find those forgotten landmarks and help us all get a better taste of the state’s signature drink through the stories and people who were distilling spirits long ago.

September is Archaeology Month in the bluegrass and the guest in this edition of Uniquely Kentucky is a man who has been digging up the past and the stories behind some of Kentucky’s forgotten distilleries and has come to be known as a “Bourbon Archaeologist.”

Nick Laracuente helped with the uncovering of a rare find at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Franklin Co in 2016.

He helped with the discovery of what has come to be known as Bourbon Pompeii, a distillery dating back to the 1800s that had been filled in and built over until it was unearthed for visitors to see.