One Year Later: Construction continues following Capital Plaza Tower implosion

Published: Mar. 11, 2019 at 7:20 PM EDT
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One year ago today, many watched in awe as the Capital Plaza Tower in Frankfort was turned to rubble.

The building’s demolition was scheduled to make room for new office space in the area. 365 days later crews say they are several months ahead of schedule in their construction efforts.

“It's amazing. We never would've thought that we would be this far ahead of schedule. We knew we would probably be some ahead, but with the weather that we've had to have been able to keep the pace that has been pretty impressive,” Commissioner Mike Burnside with Kentucky Facilities and Support Services.

Originally scheduled for completion in early 2020, the building looks to hold 1600 office workers. The state will be consolidating from 22 different existing locations to bring workers to the new building.

Now that the project is almost complete, the city is considering the neighboring property. Officials say they want to encourage more people to move to Frankfort.

“We want to get more people living downtown. If we get people living in that area and we have business opportunities in stores in the area that people can walk to - restaurants, things they can buy…grocery stores. That is what young people that are wanting to move to communities are looking for,” said Frankfort Mayor Bill May.