One Year Later: Some Estill County homes still being restored after violent thunderstorm

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ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Some Estill County property owners are still restoring their houses after high winds caused widespread damage Mar. 1, 2017.

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Dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed in Estill County, including the cities of Irvine and Ravenna.

The winds, which reached approximately 100 mph, knocked down trees and in some cases peeled off roofs. One house's roof is still missing one year later, and others are still rebuilding.

Emergency managers say the rebuilding process is slow. While some were able to rebuild with insurance, but others were only able to receive federal home loan grants.

"For most people, if they had insurance they max out their insurance, and then they got the grant and were able to finish their homes and get back in them," Melissa Riddell with the Estill County Emergency Management Agency said, "Some people weren't so lucky. They didn't have insurance so the 20,000 put a roof on their house."

Residents Theresa and Frank Parish were one of the people affected by the Estill County storm. While they were able to receive a federal home loan grant and get a new roof, they are still going through the painfully-long process of returning to normalcy.

"It's been a little rough. I am starting to see a light now. There for a long time, I thought we are never going to get this," Theresa Parrish said.

The Parrishes say they received a lot of help from a local church who offered to hang drywall, and the couple says they are currently counting their blessings.

"I am just praying it will all come. I just have to rely on God. He knows. It may not be as fast as I want it, but he has his plan I guess and I am just leaving it up to him."

The couple currently lives in an apartment, but they hope to return to their home in six months.

If you would like information on how to assist the Parrish family, you can email me here.

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