Man dies in Rowan County house fire, pregnant fiancé escapes

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Kentucky State Police arson investigator is on the scene of a deadly house fire in Rowan County.

Tierra Maze says her fiance, Jon Smith, died in a fire at their home in Rowan County. (October 26, 2017)

Authorities say the fire started around 1 a.m. Thursday at a mobile home off of McBrayer Road.

Crews recovered a body from the home. Tierra Maze says the body belongs to her fiancé. Maze says she woke up and saw smoke. Maze was able to escape by climbing through a window.

Doctors at St. Claire Regional Medical Center treated and released Maze, who is 11-weeks pregnant.

Maze says she and her fiancé just got engaged last week and have three kids together. She also says that yesterday was his birthday.

Maze's mother, Sonja Caudill, says re-accounts the moments she received the terrifying call from her daughter.

"She says she's in the hospital there was a fire and I didn't know if she was burn up or what was going on and then she told me that John had died in the fire. It was just horrible, my heart hit the floor."

With the loss of her fiancé and home, Caudill says her daughter has lost everything.

"She had to crawl through her window and her hair was burnt. She lost everything she has," says Caudill. "Even her car is burned up things for the baby everything they had they loss."

Arson investigators were called to the scene but no cause of the fire has been released at this time.

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