One-on-one with Gov. Bevin before the recanvass

Governor Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky, talks to WKYT about his mindset heading into the recanvass....
Governor Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky, talks to WKYT about his mindset heading into the recanvass. (WKYT)(WKYT)
Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 5:45 PM EST
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A recanvass of the results in the race for Kentucky governor is set for Thursday.

WKYT's Hillary Thornton talked to Governor Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky, about his mindset ahead of the recanvass.

Bevin said he's unsure what his next move will be if the results stay the same.

As the total stands, Governor-elect Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, has a roughly 5,000 vote lead versus Bevin.

The current governor says he understands a recanvass is part of the process, and he recognizes a change in the outcome is unlikely.

Bevin says he's focused on the bigger picture: verifying the integrity of the election. The governor has made claims of "irregularities" but no evidence back up those claims has been presented.

A group of Bevin supporters, some who have been appointed by the Governor, held a news conference making various claims of fraud. Shortly after that news conference

"Our democracy depends on the loser granting the winner the power to have a peaceful transfer of office,” Douglas said. “It gets concerning when the losing candidate starts to peddle these theories without having any evidence behind them."

Governor Bevin defending his actions and remarks calling comments like that "presumptuous." Saying he finds it absurd for "someone who doesn't know there is nothing to assume there is nothing."

The Governor had hoped to attend the group's news conference and even promoted it on his twitter account. He says while he hasn't heard all of their claims he does echo their call that all allegations be investigated thoroughly.

With the results of the recanvass looming and not saying whether he will concede or not if the results stand ... Governor Bevin does say his office is working with Beshear's transition team.

"Just as we are trying to make sure there is integrity in the voting process, we are also working to make sure there is integrity in the transition process from one governor to the next..Because there are very good odds, he could be the next governor. Right now, he is numerically ahead and would seemingly be the next governor, and if that is corroborated and held up through this process, I will be his number one cheerleader. We want this state to move forward, so it is absolutely about the integrity of the process more than anything else."

The Office of the Secretary of State released a statement Wednesday, saying all concerns regarding the 2019 general election have been submitted to the Election Integrity Task Force. That group includes the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Attorneys for the Eastern and Western District.

Spokesperson Lillie Ruschell says no member of the Election Integrity Task Force has raised any concerns to Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

The Deputy Attorney General released a statement regarding calls into their fraud hotline, "The nature of the calls during this cycle were typical of the calls received in previous cycles."

The recanvass is set for 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 14.