One week from election, Ret. Lt. Col. Amy McGrath rallies support in Bourbon Co.

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Published: Oct. 30, 2018 at 9:49 PM EDT
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One week before Election Day, retired Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath spoke Tuesday at a Democratic Party chili cookoff in Bourbon County. She told the crowd the election is about the soul of the country.

"Do we want leaders who consistently lie? Consistently. Do we want leaders that always demonize the other side? That always blame everything on the other side? Or do we want leaders with courage?" McGrath said.

The event attracted several state Democrats who spoke on McGrath's behalf.

"[McGrath] is a new generation of leader and her pedigree and her resume is unbelievable," said Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins. "She's highly skilled. She's highly qualified. She'll do an outstanding job representing the 6th Congressional District and all of Kentucky."

McGrath told those in attendance the way to bring jobs to the 6th District was not "tax cutting our way to prosperity." Instead, McGrath argued for investments in education and infrastructure, including broadband and cell phone coverage.

She also talked about the need to protect key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

"Most of us either have a pre-existing condition or we love somebody who does, and so we can't go back to where we were and we can't throw folks under the bus," McGrath said.

McGrath told WKYT last week how she was feeling heading into the final stretch of the race.

"We have a lot of momentum and people are excited. I think they're ready for a new generation of leaders in this country that put their country above their political party and so that's been my message all along. I've stuck with it and I'm really proud of this campaign and how we've run it," McGrath said.

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