Ordinance to enforce healthier options in Louisville kid’s meals goes into effect

Photo: WAVE
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT/WAVE) – Kid’s meals in Louisville will have to include healthier options under an ordinance that goes into effect Friday.

According to WAVE 3 News, the ordinance passed Metro Council in June of 2017 and defines a kid’s meal as food and drink at a single price.

The new rules say a kid’s meal needs to have at least one option of non-fried fruit or vegetable, a whole grain product, or a lean protein.

Drink options include water, milk, or a beverage with fewer than 25-calories and no artificial sweeteners.

Restaurants had a year to re-work their menus and bring their meals into compliance.

Manager of Havana Rumba, Joel Toste, says “We start doing changes. We are offering a cup of fruit and steamed veggies. We will be doing sparkling water, flavored water with no sugar added. We will have fresh tropical juices.”

Fines for violating the ordinance start at $100 dollars per day.

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