Owingsville Police searching for second suspect after car thefts

OWINGSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - One man was arrested after a car theft over the weekend, but the search continues for his accomplice in what investigators believe could be a multi-county crime spree.

Owingsville Police said it started for them shortly after 7 a.m. Saturday, when someone stole a white truck parked in front of the Town and Country Food Mart. Not long after, police tracked down the alleged thief and the truck, arresting Taylor Smith after a several-mile foot chase.

Surveillance video shows a black car, driven by Smith, police said, pulling in the parking lot at the convenience store on Saturday morning shortly before he allegedly stole the truck, which was also captured on surveillance video.

Police believed the black car the suspects arrived in was also stolen, from Powell County. Investigators were looking for it and whoever drove off in it, captured on surveillance video several minutes after the truck was stolen.

Deputies in Powell County found that black car on Monday evening, abandoned near Nada Tunnel. But police are still looking for the person who drove it away from the gas station and ditched it there.

"He was just as much involved as the person was that stole the truck," said Officer Justin Sutherland with the Owingsville Police Department.

Investigators told WKYT's Garrett Wymer that they think the team could be connected to a number of other break-ins and thefts in other counties in the region. Even with one man already behind bars, police say they want to catch the other person (or persons) involved before they try to strike again.

"To stop it," Officer Sutherland said. "To try to get them caught so it just don't happen to nobody else - including us, anybody, getting hurt, stop any more thefts."

Police said deputies found masks and clothes inside the car, which investigators said was stolen from Clay City. Police said the car was originally silver, but had been spray-painted blue, then black, as a disguise.

Taylor Smith faces nearly a dozen charges in connection with Saturday's truck theft and pursuit. Police said his accomplice would face several of the same charges.

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