Paralyzed deputy Jaime Morales files lawsuit against Georgetown Police Department

Photo: Scott County Sheriff's Office
Photo: Scott County Sheriff's Office(WKYT)
Published: Sep. 6, 2019 at 5:33 PM EDT
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Paralyzed Scott County Deputy Jaime Morales has filed a lawsuit against the city of Georgetown and the Georgetown Police Department for what he believes was improper training of a member of the department's special response team.

Scott Miller, the attorney representing the city of Georgetown, said he wouldn't comment on pending litigation, but said he is reviewing the complaint.

"We certainly empathize with Deputy Jaime Morales and his family and are disappointed that a lawsuit has been filed," Scott Miller wrote in a statement. "However, now that the lawsuit is pending, we will meet our responsibility of vigorously defending our clients and officers in their efforts in apprehending a very dangerous individual."

His attorney, Thomas Miller says he was told today he is being let go by the end of September.

"He is receiving worker's compensation benefits currently, which are less than he would've received as an employee," Thomas Miller said.

Deputy Morales was shot in the back while helping an investigation at a rest stop on Interstate 75. The man police were trying to take into custody was killed in the shooting. An investigation by Kentucky State Police concluded that Morales was shot by another person in law enforcement but state investigators did not identify who pulled the trigger.

The lawsuit filed by Morales, however, states that the gunshot that wounded him was fired by Officer Joseph Enricco, who allegedly had only completed basic response team training one month prior to the incident.

Morales' attorneys hired an expert to take a closer look at what happened the night of the shooting.

"The way the SRT team was managed, the people on it, the training they received and most egregious, the failed to provide any sort of direction on how to approach this person that the Georgetown Police Department knew was armed and dangerous but did not disclose to Jaime and others in the sheriff's department," Thomas Miller said.

The Herald-Leader reports Enricco has since resigned from the police department.

Also named in the lawsuit are Georgetown City Council members, Mayor Tom Prather and Georgetown Police Lt. James Wagoner.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified monetary reparations.

"This is a young man that showed up for the call of duty, courage beyond belief, commitment to the cause, and because of the failures on the part of people that were controlling the SRT team, he's now permanently injured and we're looking to make him whole," Thomas Miller said.