WKYT Investigates | 'Parking lot vigilantes' warning truck drivers before they get booted

Photo: WKYT
Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 5:34 PM EDT
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People at Berea's Walmart are taking issues into their own hands, after watching semi-trucks parked in the lot get booted with no warning.

"They might barely tap on the door so they know they won't wake them up. So they can boot them anyway," explained Chris Young.

Young and his buddies regularly stop in the Walmart late in the evenings after doing farm work during the day around Madison County.

He started seeing a security group called 'R and R' Management booting semi's without a chance for the truckers to leave first. "If they'd knock on the door and warm people by saying, "Hey, you've got five minutes or 30 minutes to get out of here or we're going to have to take by all means necessary and boot your truck if you don't pay your fine."

There are signs throughout the parking lot warning truckers that they can't park overnight in the Walmart lot. However, Young said they are hard to see and decipher. "You aren't going to walk behind somebody's truck to see if there's a sign there," he joked.

The fines for drivers who sleep through the boot can go up to $800.

After Young watched 'R and R' employees one night, he decided to go wake up the drivers and tell them they were about to get booted. He then was approached by an employee who told him he can't be knocking on the truck doors. Young responded, "Y‘all don't wake them up."

The R and R employee said, "We give them a knock and if they don't get up they get booted."

Young replied, "It's common decency to say, 'Hey, you should have read that sign. You need to move now.'"

The 'R and R' employee eventually drove away.

Walmart explained to WKYT two months ago that they do not profit from the fines 'R and R' collects. Still, Young is sure most drivers don't know it's not Walmart. "It's not a good look for Walmart, at all. Every truck driver says Walmart has lost their business completely."

Walmart and R and R Management did not return our calls for more clarity on the issue.

, WKYT found the same thing happening at the Williamsburg Walmart. At that time, Walmart's corporate office said they would look into the issue. No word since.