Parlor helping to fight cancer with tattoos

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - (WKYT) - Cancer survivors and others who have lost loved ones to the disease gathered in Tattoo Charlie’s on Sunday for the 9th annual “Tattoos against Cancer”.

Workers at the parlor closed off their doors to other customers to allow those donating to the charity exclusive access.

“This one, this is my survivor,” said customer Deborah Goodlett. “I survived this, it was very hard but I had my husband, my children and my family around me who helped me through it.”

Goodlett was just shy of 30 when she found out she had cancer. Several surgeries and treatments later she found out she was cancer-free.
Now she is using this Cancer charity event to remember all she and others she knows have been through.

“The body art that I have, anybody who sees it and it like ‘Oh what’s that, what’s that mean’ I can tell them a little piece of my history,” Goodlett said.

Her sister and daughter shared the day with her, getting tattoos for their own battles and for others in their family.

“It’s just a visible reminder to live every day like it’s your last,” said Katelyn Goodlett.

Tattoo Charlie’s in Lexington and two locations in Louisville participated in the event. More than $67,000 has been raised within the first eight years.

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