Peak fall foliage is just around the corner

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The fall season has arrived and soon the fall color will show up. The shorter days, longer nights, cooler temperatures signal the end of the growing season and stops the production of chlorophyll. This is when the green color starts fading.

"It breaks down and disappears from the leaves. Once it disappears, now we're going to see the other pigments or the other colors that were in the leaves but were covered up or masked by that really dominant green," said Laurie Thomas an Extension Forester at UK.

But for a really pretty fall to show up, we need a certain kind of weather to help make those colors more vibrant. "To have really spectacular fall color, you want warm, not too warm, but warm sunny, bright days and you want cool, crisp nights. You need that in a consecutive amount," said Thomas.

And with the warm weather lately in combination with a cooler stretch ahead, a colorful fall looks likely. But when can we expect these colors to show up?

"It's predicts peak for around this central part of the state is that first week, end of October, into the first of November. Eastern Kentucky a little bit sooner. We're going to see peak there in the latter part of October," said Thomas.

Click here to see when colors peak across your area with this interactive map.

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