People in Lexington recovery group given eviction extension

Lexington Some people recovering from addiction facing an unexpected eviction will be able to stay in their homes longer than they thought.

Dozens of people in a recovery program live at Tates Creek Crossing Apartments.

The program is supposed to pay their rent, but the apartment manager says that has not happened. Initially, the group was told they would be evicted by Thursday.

The city met with the apartment manager and the group now has until March 1 to move out.

Some people who live in the facility say the idea of having no stable housing could affect their sobriety.

"I'm worried about being on the streets, I've lost my job, this is affecting my child," said Brandi Carter, who is a member of the group.

One person who lived there, died of an overdose after receiving the news of being evicted.

"He ended up overdosing and passing away because he couldn't take it," said a friend, William Hash.

Now, the recovering addicts feel like they've been given another chance.

"I have hope now because I know that there's people there that's going to stand there and take up for us no matter what," said Carter.

She said she's grateful to the apartment complex.

"They're out of a lot of money, that's 15 units and that's a lot of people in the apartments," she said.

She and others feel differently about the programs that provide the sober living, taking their concerns to one of the offices.

Infinite Community Achievement provides treatment and collaborates with United Youth Care, which provides the housing.

When WKYT talked to the Chief Operating Officer of ICA, he said they were working to keep clients from being displaced, even though the arrangement was ending.

"We didn't want to continue and donate and provide any type of funding for our program where clients were not going to follow through with the structure that it was intended to be," said Davarres Alexander.

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