UK suspends Phi Kappa Psi for five years

Published: Apr. 27, 2016 at 11:04 AM EDT
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The University of Kentucky suspended Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity for five years after reports they committed alcohol and hazing violations.

Denise Simpson of the Office of Student Affairs sent a letter to the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, citing that they had violated three sections of the student code of conduct.

The reported hazing violations include forcing pledges to drink until they vomited, watch pornography and do calisthenics in vomit.

"You explained and confirmed that your fraternity has engaged in behaviors during new member education classes for a number of years that involved hazing practices. The hazing complaint received by the University for fall 2015 specifically included forced alcohol consumption to the point of vomiting (i.e. warm/skunked Colt 45 called “Ring of Fire,” and a mixture of beer, vodka and lime juice called “Riptide”), drunken behaviors, physical and mental stress (i.e. lineups in the basement of the fraternity that often involved yelling or verbal abuse; not allowed to sit on furniture, not allowed in certain rooms of the fraternity, calisthenics in/around vomit), and other activities that were meant to provide new members discomfort and embarrassment (i.e. forced to watch gay porn; not allowed access to residence room, to shower, or phones during initiation week). The Chapter confirmed that all of the behaviors noted in the investigation report were true and did occur," the report read.

The fraternity is suspended from UK until 2021. Also, fraternity officials will get a committee of alumni to develop a new code of conduct and a new pledging process.

Jay Blanton, University of Kentucky spokesman, said he thinks "this sends a clear signal about the importance of safety."

"The importance of students on our campus and the fact that we will not tolerate under any circumstances hazing or things that potentially harm our students," he said.

The University says members living at the fraternity house on Aylesford Drive are expected to be moved out of the house by May 8.