Plans in the works to extend New Circle median barrier to area of deadly crash

Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 4:54 PM EST
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Two people were killed in a crash on New Circle Road.

It happened Wednesday afternoon near the Leestown Road exit.

Police say a car crossed from the inter to the outer loop and hit another car head-on.

The crash happened in a small stretch of New Circle that does not have a median barrier.

New Circle Road is 19 miles long and most of it is a limited-access freeway with a speed limit of 55 miles an hour.

There are median barriers to prevent crossover crashes from Richmond Road to just past Old Frankfort Pike.

Wednesday's crash happened just 800 feet from a barrier in a 1.2 mile stretch from Leestown to Georgetown road that does not have anything to stop vehicles from crossing over.

But officials say that area will look pretty different in a couple of years.

"The final plan will come out in April, but at this time we are looking at 2021 right away and utilities and 2024 for actual construction," said Natasha Lacy, Department of Highways.

That stretch currently has traffic going at 55 miles per hour, or usually higher, with no barrier between them.

"The draft plan is available now to review and it shows that eventually there will be six lanes with a concrete barrier wall in the middle at new Circle in Leestown Road," Lacy said.

The $50 million project is still in the process of being funded.

An engineer told WKYT they just got notice about some of that funding Thursday morning.

I asked them why the barrier installed along parts of New Circle, like the one between Harrodsburg and Versailles Road, didn't stretch the entire length.

They told me that also came down to a matter of money.

"We don’t just decide on what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it," Lacy said. "It all depends on funding, it all depends on what the legislators vote on. And it’s also statewide."

Plans are also underway to widen New Circle form Harrodsburg Road to Versailles Road. That is also a $50 million project.