Police: Georgetown woman pulls bag from body cavity, snorts drugs in police cruiser

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a Georgetown woman is behind bars after she almost started driving with a toddler in the vehicle while under the influence.

Kathryn Ahlers is accused of snorting drugs hidden in her body cavity while in the back of a police cruiser. (Photo: Clark County Detention Center)

An arrest record states Winchester police responded to a vehicle on 201 N Main Street after they learned about two intoxicated people that were about to operate a vehicle.

An officer said Kathryn Ahlers, 28, was trying to get her child out of a car seat, but she was unable to brace herself when trying to find support. She told the officer that she and her boyfriend were traveling from Lexington to Cincinnati and became lost.

Police say Ahlers was unsteady on her feet, and the child's car seat was improperly fastened. The child's diaper was saturated with urine, and Ahlers had no food for the toddler.

When Ahlers was placed in the back of the police cruiser, officers say she pulled a plastic bag out of her body cavity, and she began inhaling a white substance through her nose. She would try to hide the bag again, but police said she would face an additional charge if they found the substance in jail. Ahlers would reveal the substance from between her legs.

Ahlers is charged with possession of a controlled substance, public intoxication, endangering the welfare of a minor and tampering with physical evidence. She was placed in the Clark County Detention Center.