Police: Kentucky woman tried to urinate in stranger's home, bites victim

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OXFORD, Ohio (WKYT) - A Kentucky woman was arrested after police say she walked into a stranger's home to urinate in a closet.

Gray affiliate WXIX reports Oxford, Ohio police responded to a home and saw 21-year-old Khail Frances was being restrained inside.

Victims inside the home told police they didn't know her, and she began to throw punches when they tried to stop her from urinating. One person was bit in the arm during the confrontation.

Oxford police said in a Facebook post Frances was "acting like a wild fool" during the confrontation. She would claim she had no idea what happened and spent a night in the Butler County, Ohio jail. She was charged with aggravated burglary and two counts of assault.

A friend of Frances told police they got lost while at a bar in the area.

She was arraigned in court Thursday afternoon and released on bond.

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