Police: Man armed with baseball bat shows up at Laurel Co. home

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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - A man armed with a baseball bat was met by a gun-wielding homeowner this morning as he tried to break into a home, according to authorities.

Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputies say 24-year-old Patrick Sizemore showed up to a home on Pleasure View Road with a bat and started turning the doorknob on the front porch just before 6 a.m.

The Laurel County homeowner was on his way to work this morning when he says he noticed someone looking very suspicious. He said he only made it down the block before a gut instinct kicked in, telling him to turn around.

EKU criminal justice major Anderson Ruth says he knows his rights as a gun and property owner, making his house the wrong one to try to break into.

"And as I come back, I look at my front door, and the gentleman was there trying to get it open. So immediately, I knew that it wasn't somebody lost or looking for help. They were looking for something else,” said Ruth.

Ruth had never met Sizemore before, but says he thought something wasn’t right when he saw the man wearing a backpack, bandanna and carrying a baseball bat down his road this morning.

"I come into my driveway and immediately stopped and grabbed my sidearm. I had it out of his view at first, because you never know. Then he started to take off,” Ruth said. “That's when I drew my weapon and pointed it at him, and ordered him on the ground. From that point I just kept questioning him as I was dialing 911."

Adding to the stress of the situation, Ruth says it was pouring rain as this whole thing transpired, and he got soaked waiting for the police to arrive.

Sizemore is charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication.

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