Police: Rockcastle County woman steals ambulance because she was tired of waiting

Published: Aug. 6, 2018 at 12:56 PM EDT
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A Rockcastle County woman was arrested after police say she stole an ambulance because she was tired of waiting at a hospital.

Mt. Vernon police say Pamela Cash, 51, of Brodhead stole the ambulance at Rockcastle County hospital while she was waiting to get picked up by relatives.

Cash saw the ambulance and decided to drive away from the medical center. She drove three miles before witnesses say she started rummaging through other vehicles in an effort to find keys and steal one.

“She said she got tired of waiting on her sister at the hospital and took the ambulance," police chief Brian Carter said.

Police charged her with criminal mischief and theft. The theft charge is an upgraded charge because the ambulance is worth approximately $100,000.

Cash did not want to speak with WKYT about the charges while being held in jail.