Two dead after double shooting in Laurel County

Published: Dec. 20, 2015 at 2:05 AM EST
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Just off of Natures Bend Lane in rural London is where Laurel County Sheriff's Deputies says one of the worst shootings they have ever seen took place.

"We deal with a lot of domestic violence issues here," says Laurel County Sheriffs Deputy, Gilbert Acciardo. "This is one of the most tragic that we've investigated recently. There are bullet holes in vehicles out there. There are bullet holes all over that residence out there."

The shooting happened just before 9:30 Saturday night, off of Natures Bend Lane, roughly 10 miles east of London.

That's where Deputy Acciardo says 29-year-old, Michael Allen, his girlfriend 26-year-old, Ashley Beckner, and their three year old daughter were visiting at Allen's father's home, when the couple got into an argument.

"Apparently the male subject pulled out a, Glock 40 caliber, and fired numerous rounds killing his girlfriend at the scene."

Deputy Acciardo tells us Allen then shot at his father, Charles Allen, who in return fired back at his son in self-defense, killing him.

"We really believe the father acted in self-defense."

While this was going on, deputies say the little girl and the father's wife were outside and luckily were not hurt.

"This is a tragic set of events because this three-year-old has lost her dad and her mother. It's just a terrible, tragic situation.”

Deputy Acciardo says their investigation is ongoing and they're not sure what led to the argument and why Allen began shooting.

The deputy adds that the father is not facing any charges at this point because they believe he shot back in self-defense.