Police in Kentucky cracking down on distracted drivers with tractor-trailer

Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 5:53 PM EDT
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Officers in one Kentucky city are using a different approach to find people texting while driving.

The Barbourville Police Department patrolled the streets in a tractor-trailer Friday to crack down on texting and driving or people not wearing seat belts.

"We’re looking for various distracted drivers," Officer Jake Knuckles said. "Anything from eating or a dog in your lap.”

The main focus is cellphone usage. Using a phone to make or receive calls is legal, but texting and driving is against the law. That's what officers are keeping a close eye on while patrolling.

The officers pulled some over with a vantage point they wouldn't have in a cruiser. They would issue citations along with words of advice.

“I have some papers, here. One on distracted driving and another on seat belt safety. We want to educate the public about it too," Knuckles.

Officers discovered more than just simple violations. One man was found wanted on 3 warrants. The driver of a Mustang said he didn’t have insurance.