Police investigating after UK's Jewish Student Center is vandalized

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Rabbi Shlomo Litvin was working late Sunday night, early Monday morning at the Jewish Student Center on the University of Kentucky campus when voices from a group outside got his attention.

"The initial comment, i heard the word 'Jew,' which perked my ear. Following that there were terms like 'Heil Hitler,' and 'get the Jews.'"

Surveillance video shows someone charging through the Jewish Student Center's sign, and breaking it from its posts.

"The immediate concern was what can this escalate to, but the overall feeling was, they came here to scare me, and they'd have to do better than this," said Rabbi Litvin, who is the director of Chabad of Kentucky, the parent organization of the center.

Lexington police say they have assigned a detective to investigate, but they say it's still early in the investigation, and no one has been identified or charged.

Rabbi Litvin says it's disturbing, but more than that it tells him he still has work to do.

He also had to explain what happened to his young daughter.

He did so by rising above it, and then sledding all the way down, using the broken sign as a makeshift sled on a snow-covered hill to teach an important lesson.

"There's always much more love than hate," said Rabbi Litvin. "Love is always stronger. Light is always stronger than darkness. No matter how much darkness is around you, one small light can conquer everything."

A UK spokesperson said in a statement they don't know all the details yet, but added "we can never - and we will never - condone the use of vile, hateful speech targeted at anyone on our campus or in our community, regardless of their identity or perspective. Nor can we tolerate the destruction of property."

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