Pork-sized problem: These three little piggies need a proper home

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Lexington Humane Society welcomed three new visitors this month.

Ruben, Rocky Raccoon, and Albert "Bert" Einswine are all up for adoption at the Lexington Humane Society.

Ruben, Rocky Raccoon, and Albert "Bert" Einswine are all pigs. All three came to the Humane Society for a variety of reasons, but they're not the first pigs to end up at the shelter.

"We are in this situation because individuals are receiving pigs that they are getting from breeders thinking they are going to be micro pigs."

Ashley Hammond says micro pigs are supposed to grow to the size of a teacup. Some people purchase pigs as pets, thinking they're micro-sized, but they end up growing into a big problem.

Hammond says they received 20 pigs over the past two years looking for a new home.

"It would not surprise me if we received another pig this year or several pigs this year.

For now, the pigs will stay in the shelter until they find a new home. These sweet piggies are available for meet and greets via appointment only. You must be zoned for agriculture to adopt a pig! If you are interested in adopting any of the pigs, call (859) 233-0044 ext. 236. You can also find more information by clicking here.

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