Powell Co. woman gets five years for boyfriend's death

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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - On Wednesday, a judge sentenced a Powell County woman for the shooting death of her boyfriend.

A judge sentenced Melissa Roberts to five years in prison on January 3, 2018, for the April 2016 shooting death of her boyfriend.

Melissa Roberts received five years in prison with five years probation once she's released. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the April 2016 death of Steven Strange. State Police say Roberts shot Strange after he entered her home.

Police did not charge Roberts because she told them the shooting was self-defense. The case was presented to a grand jury, which indicted her for murder. Strange's mother was there on Wednesday to watch Roberts' sentencing.

"I'm relieved it's over. Is the outcome what I wanted? No. But, I mean, she's serving some time so I feel like we're getting a little justice anyway," said Sharon Rogers.

Roberts had an emergency protective order taken out against Strange in January 2016 but it was dismissed two weeks before the shooting. Following Roberts' arraignment in July 2016, her daughter, Sierra Brooks, spoke to WKYT about the couple's relationship.

"I loved Steve, but I hated the way he acted. So, I'm really mixed about everything. I know there's consequences for what you do, but at least give her something. He never got in trouble for anything he did," said Brooks.

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