Couple charged with more than 100 counts of abuse

Published: Oct. 5, 2017 at 6:24 AM EDT
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State police captured a woman wanted for 101 charges of criminal abuse.

State troopers arrested Tiffany Walsh early Thursday morning in Breathitt County.

Officials in Powell County posted on Facebook Wednesday night that they were looking for her.

Walsh's arrest citation shows that the charges are out of Perry County. An indictment says Walsh allowed Jordan Otis to engage in sexual intercourse and sexual acts with a minor under the age of 16 on multiple occasions. The indictment also states that Walsh permitted Otis to inflict physical and mental torture of a minor. Court officials mention several different juveniles in the documents.

A grand jury indicted Otis back in July on 105 counts. He faces multiple charges of rape, sexual abuse, criminal abuse, and sodomy.

The father of some of the victims spoke with WKYT, but did not want to be identified.

"It's been the worst nightmare a father could ever go through, for sure."

He says his children are still working to recover from what happened to them.

"I couldn't imagine how hard it was for them to come forward from what they've been through. If you guys knew everything you'd probably sit down and cry."

He says he is doing his best to help the victims move past this horrible ordeal.

"Give them the love and comfort that they need, let them try new things. You honestly don't know what to do or say because there's no script on it."

Other family members of the victims released a statement to WKYT saying: "We would like to thank everyone for sending prayers and thoughts for the girls. They are safe and with their fathers and getting the care they need and deserve. They are very loved and are very happy to be back with family. We are thankful and we appreciate everything the law enforcement has done to put both Tiffany and Jordan where they need to be."