President Trump points to Andy Barr's victory as campaign success

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - President Donald Trump mentioned Rep. Andy Barr twice during his post-midterm election news conference Wednesday, saying his campaign stop in Richmond helped him win the election over Democratic challenger Rt. Lt. Col. Amy McGrath.

"For the most part, I didn't campaign for the House, but I did actually make a special trip for Andy Barr because he was in a very tough race in Kentucky, and he won," Trump said. "That was a very tough race. The polls were all showing that he was down and down substantially, and he won."

Trump's Oct. 13 rally at the Eastern Kentucky University campus brought thousands in attendance and a large overflow crowd watching outside. The President's rally was primarily to rally support for the vulnerable congressman, who was locked in a tight race with the well-funded McGrath.

Barr gave the President credit the day after the election, saying he visited an area where he is very popular within the district.

"I know it had an impact," Barr said, "I know that the president had an impact because he motivated many of the people who voted for him in 2016."

The President stated he believes his campaign efforts show he is very popular among many in the country, and his visits had a positive impact on the people he rallied for.

I think people like me." Trump said, "I think people like the job I'm doing."

Trump would spend most of the campaign to help U.S. Senate candidates in competitive races.

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