Principal: Student found with marijuana, cash, unloaded gun

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The principal at Bryan Station High School sent letters home to parents informing them of an incident involving a student on Friday.

Principal James McMillin says that while acting on a tip, they discovered a student to be in possession of marijuana, large amounts of cash and an unloaded handgun. McMillin said school law enforcement interviewed the student and felt he had no intention of using the weapon and that the situation was not related to school.

“At no time today was any student in danger. Literally within, what, a minute, a minute and a half, of us being told there might be a student on campus with something they weren’t supposed to, that student was in custody and with administrators and law enforcement. And that’s the way it’s supposed to happen if it’s going to," McMillan said.

The student will face consequences through the school district and the juvenile court system.

“You never want anything like this to happen. No school, no principal, wants to stand in front of the media and say, ‘This happened,’ though we know that it happens at schools nationwide," McMillan told WKYT on Friday. "The key is that we’ve got to keep educating our students and parents to bring these things to us, let us know. We’ve got to give them that support in the building, we as a community got to rally around our kids here in Lexington to make sure they have avenues of support, or these things are going to keep happening.”

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