Principal of Lexington's new high school discusses challenges, goals

Published: Feb. 24, 2017 at 4:40 PM EST
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Lexington's newest school, Frederick Douglass High School, is scheduled to open in about six months.

The school's principal, Lester Diaz, talked about heading a brand new school that currently doesn't have a student body or a complete staff.

"What a historic challenge this is. It can be intimidating," he said.

But Diaz says he isn't too worried about hiring staff in time. "I'll tell you we are not hurting for applicants ... The interest and influx of candidates has been humbling."

Based on redistricting boundaries, Douglass will be made up of some students that currently go to Lafayette, Henry Clay, and Bryan Station high schools.

Diaz says students in those districts affected by the change "will have some grandfathering option where they get to stay where they are or they get to come to their home school."

Diaz says Douglass will provide academies that specialize in environmental science, information technology, and health sciences.

One of the goals in the academies is to help the students achieve industry certifications before they graduate - and in some cases they go to work in that field straight from high school.

Diaz says students will vote on the school's mascot, and the new name will be unveiled on the first day of school.