Protect your plants against the first frost of the season

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - By Sunday morning, low temperatures are expected to drop into the 30s. That means that areas around the Bluegrass could see their first frost of the season. Now is the time to protect any sensitive plants you may have from the cold temperatures.

Moving plants close to the house or indoors can help protect them from frost.

Not every plant is going to need this attention and care.
Flowers such as mums that are just now in bloom are going to be more susceptible to the frost. But your perennials should be just fine.

"If you have been having tropical plants outside, they would drastically be effected so you need to start bringing them indoors," Stephen Fister, family owner of Bi-Water Farm & Greenhouse, said. "If you have any house plants outside that you have been letting get the summer sunshine then its time to start bringing those plants in."

Bringing plants inside or close to the heat radiating off of the house is helpful. If there are any plants that need to be covered, choosing the right covering is key.

"If you are going to cover any plant it has to be a cloth type covering to protect them. The plastic with transmit the cold to the plant," Fister said. "You don't ever want to use plastic to cover your plants."

If you are late to the game and need to defrost your plants in the morning, a light spray of water before the sun comes up should do the trick.