Hundreds voice opposition to proposed landfill expansion, "Don't Dump on Us"

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Approximately 400 people attended a public hearing at the Scott County High School Wednesday evening. The hearing was held to offer the public a chance to voice their comments and concerns regarding the permit for an expansion at the Central Kentucky Landfill on Double Culvert Road in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The landfill owner, Waste Services of the Bluegrass, LLC has proposed to increase the waste disposal area to 75.56 acres. The current waste disposal area is about 46 acres. The proposal also asks to increase the permit boundary, which includes borrow areas and facility operations, from 102.8 acres to 602.02 acres.

During the hearing, several people spoke in opposition to the permit proposal.

"I’m five miles from this dump, wake up in the morning, walk out my front door and smell the dump,” Scott County Homeowner Roy Williams said.

Williams also cited concerns about property values decreasing and an increased amount of traffic on US-25.

“We've got all these semi's running up and down US 25 that have no regulations on them because they do not have to cross a scale of any kind. They're overweight and they're going through these corners on US-25 that has got a few pretty good corners on it. If that weight shifts on that truck, that truck is going to flip,” Williams said.

Another Scott County resident had a different concern.

"We don't even have pick up for recycling on Anderson Road so how the hell are we gonna deal with all this extra trash on top of our own trash?,” the woman said.

Some people wanted to know how the air quality would be controlled and what the long term health effects would be.

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management officials said a final determination regarding the Horizontal Expansion will be made following an end of the comment period(January 19, 2017). A response to the comments made during the public comment period will be released at the same time they (the Kentucky Division of Waste Management) releases their determination on whether or not to approve the permit.

The public comment period will last until January 19, 2017. The public can write in their comments and concerns until then. They can send them to: Danny Anderson, P.E., Division of Waste Management, Solid Waste Branch, 300 Sower Blvd., Second Floor, Frankfort, Ky. 40601.

Representatives from the Central Kentucky Landfill did not attend the public hearing Wednesday evening.

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