Pulaski Co. Detective replaces child's stolen tablet

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Fourth grade was a big year for 10-year-old Benjamin Cochran. He says his school held a contest that he planned on winning.

"There were kids that had to get perfect attendance all year," Cochran said.

After dealing with medical issues throughout third grade, Benjamin's goal was to have perfect attendance throughout the year for 4th grade; and that's what he did.

To reward his perfect attendance, Ben's school gave him a tablet, but he never got a chance to even open the box to use it.

"My friend, his truck broke down here, so he brought another guy with him to fix his truck and that's the fella who took Benjamin's tablet," Ben's mother Debbie Cochran said.

"You could see the disappointment in his face," Pulaski County Attorney's Office Detective Tom Reed said. "It's a bad situation. The little guy worked hard to achieve a goal and his reward for that goal was taken away from him before he ever got an opportunity to use it."

That's when Reed took matters into his own hands.

"I never had perfect attendance and I would think that's a pretty tough thing to achieve," he said.

About a week later, Reed called Ben and his mother back to the County Attorney's Office to speak with the little boy.

"I said I think that was a really good achievement that you got and I don't want you to lose faith in society because there's a lot of nice people out there and I want to have this tablet," Reed said.

Debbie Cochran says she was completely surprised by Reed's random act of kindness.

"He's awesome. I've never met anybody like him," she said.

Reed says buying Ben a new tablet was all part of the job.

"We get into that profession for the reason of helping people and I think that's the underlying fact of why people do that," Reed said.

Detective Reed says the man who allegedly stole the tablet will be charged with misdemeanor theft.

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