Pulaski County man fortunate to avoid death after fall from bluff

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - A Pulaski County man remains in the hospital after falling approximately 60 feet down a bluff, but his injuries could have been much worse.

Bobby Wood (Photo: Pulaski County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies issued a Golden Alert for 79-year-old Bobby Wood over the weekend. A boater found him several hours later as crews were searching for him.

Investigators say Wood walked outside around 5 a.m. Sunday near Cliffside Drive. His wife went in to grab a flashlight, but when she returned, he was nowhere to be found.

They searched the area where he was later found, but the undergrowth was so thick that even a thermal imaging drone didn't pick up on where he was. Rescuers believe he was unconscious for hours.

Wood was airlifted to UK Hospital in Lexington, and public safety director Stacy Halcomb was happy to learn his injuries weren't severe.

"Mrs. wood said he's doing really great for the fall that he took," Halcomb said. "He had no fractures or broken bones that they could find, just some skin tears and bruises and maybe some torn ligaments. So he was lucky as to where he fell over the cliff at."

The boater's identity is unknown, but those in the area say they are grateful the person took action.

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