'RUN!': NZ shooting victims recount horror, mourn the lost

Armed attack on a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand, Photo Date: 3/14/19 / Photo: Nine News Australia / YouTube / (MGN)
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CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) - Every Friday, Yasir Amin and his father attended prayers together at the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch. It was a routine so serene that Amin was nearly blinded by confusion when the man drove up with the gun.

Amin and his father, Muhammad Amin Nasir, were just 200 meters from the mosque Friday when everything went wrong. They had no idea a gunman had just slaughtered 41 people inside the mosque, or that more would be killed at a second mosque soon after.

All they knew was a car that had been driving by suddenly stopped. A man was leaning out the car's window, pointing a gun.

The father and son ran, but Nasir was shot.

Nasir remains in an induced coma with critical injuries, though his condition has stabilized.

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