Rains dissipate, but Knox Co. areas still flooded

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) – Low lying areas in Knox County are still flooded after this week's rain. Fortunately, some dry days are on the way and should help the flooding issues.

Low-lying areas of Knox County are still flooded out after heavy rains. (Photo: WKYT/Adam Burniston)

According to the latest river gauge data along the Cumberland River in Barbourville, water levels are just above 23 feet, but while the rain is over, flooding is expected to persist for at least another day.

Forecasts along the river show it rising again to 26 feet by Friday morning.

This is due to all of the flooded creeks and streams continuing to empty into the Cumberland, which is also still flooding some roadways. Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith explains, even though the water isn't moving swiftly, it still isn't safe to try and drive through it.

"It's never safe to walk or drive through those areas. Turn around, don't drown. We've had several people try to get through them, they think they can traverse them and get through there and their vehicles flood out and then we have to extricate them from those vehicles."

It will still take some time for the water to recede in some low lying areas, and even after that happens, the ground will still take even more time before completely dries.

Sheriff Smith says they estimated they increased their call volume by at least 150 calls during this flooding event, which he adds is above average.

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