Rally for better childcare at Kentucky's capitol rotunda

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A group gathered in Frankfort Wednesday to rally for better childcare in Kentucky.

The event was organized by the Kids Matter Coalition. The group stresses that quality, affordable childcare is necessary in order for the state to have a thriving economy.

Organizers say the goal of Wednesday's rally is to bring together teachers, policymakers, elected officials, and others who would like to work toward improving early childcare in Kentucky. Shannon Smith, with Kids Matter Coalition, says workforce and child care go hand in hand.

"You need a quality setting; safe and early education given to help drive our future workforce. So that's why it truly is workforce for today, workforce of tomorrow."

House Education Chairman John Bam Carney says right now, they are just laying the groundwork and hoping to raise awareness.

"I think our first goal is to educate everyone on how important it is and obviously when it comes to budget matters, so all we can to fund early childhood education. I think that's where we are going to start at," Carney said. "So really, fixing the problem at the bottom, and raising wages and getting the support parents need and childcare in one of those instrumental supports."

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