Rally opposing separation for families entering US illegally held in Morehead

Published: Jun. 30, 2018 at 3:57 PM EDT
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Dozens of people in Rowan County joined protests across the country to oppose President Trump's immigration policies.

The people who came out Saturday morning spoke about the importance of keeping families together. That included several local church leaders who said Americans have a moral responsibility to help those who enter our country.

One of the organizers said many of the people entering illegally had no choice.

"Fleeing from horrific situations and really have no options and those of us who have the luxury to speak out should," Nancy Henly said.

President Trump signed an executive order to end the policy of separating families at the border, but those in favor of tougher immigration laws say by breaking the law those parents are the ones putting their kids at risk.

One of several members of the faith who attended disagreed with that assessment.

"And we are there to be witnesses of faith and speak against injustice and this is really one of these laws that I believe is very injust because the kingdom of God is for each and every one of us," said Father Arturo Molina

One of the speakers didn't want to be on camera, but said she was kidnapped as a child by her biological father, and she's worried about the effect the separation will have on those children.

"I feel like it's going to be the same as it was for me to be scared all the time and looking over my shoulder," she said.

The rallies were organized nationally by progressive group Move On. They were also held in Kentucky in Louisville, Madisonville, Bowling Green, and Pikeville