Read the letter Henry Clay High School's principal sent to families after loaded gun brought to campus

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 Dear Henry Clay High School Families: 

As you know, your children are our top priority here at Henry Clay High School and we work diligently to keep them safe and create a positive learning environment on campus.  Maintaining open lines of communication between home and school is critical in order for us to earn the trust of our families and build strong relationships with the people we serve. 

I’m writing this morning to make you aware of an incident that occurred at school today. Any time there is a health or safety issue on campus, we want you to have the facts directly from us. 

Acting on a tip this morning we determined that one of our students had brought a loaded gun from home to school. The quick response of our administrative team and Fayette County Public Schools Department of Law Enforcement enabled us to intercept the student and confiscate the weapon before school started. After an investigation, we have determined that the student had the weapon for protection in the neighborhood and not for a reason related to school. 

There is no tolerance for weapons on our school campuses and the student will face serious administrative consequences through the school district. The student was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon on school property and will be referred to the juvenile court system. 

Here at Henry Clay we work very hard to establish a positive school culture and climate where every student is connected to at least one caring adult. Our teachers and staff play an important role in school safety by building trusting relationships with students so that they feel comfortable sharing information. Today’s incident is a testament to the strength of those relationships, and reminds us that keeping lines of communication open with students is the best way to keep our campuses safe. 

We also need your help to ensure that our students fully understand the importance of keeping our campuses weapon-free. Individually, we count on our students not to bring contraband to school, and collectively, we need them to commit to alerting adults when they become aware of a safety concern on campus. 

You can support us at home by staying active in the lives of your children – ensuring that they don’t have access to contraband, regularly checking jackets, backpacks and pockets, and encouraging them to be involved with friends and activities that support a healthy lifestyle. 

I want to assure you that as principal, I am committed to taking every precaution to keep Henry Clay High School a safe place to learn and work. We have wonderful students, caring staff, and supportive families and this is not the kind of incident we will allow to happen on our campus. 

Thank you for your continued support and as always, please do not hesitate to call me with questions or concerns at 859-381-3423. 


Paul Little Jr., principal

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