Recovery group offers sights of motivation in Rowan County community

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- Recovering addicts in Rowan County are hoping to inspire the next generation of addicts to get help and stay strong through the process one painted rock at a time.

You can find these motivational rocks in Morehead. (Photo by WKYT)

Solid Ground Counseling works with those looking for a clean life away from drug abuse.

Over the past week, they have been taking their counseling in a new direction with the use of rocks.

Those succeeding with treatment painted motivational slogans or words of encouragement on the rocks aimed at helping others.

The rocks will be left at random locations in the community with the goal someone will see them and reach out for the same help they have received.

The group says their goal is for the rocks to travel throughout the state and begin a culture of recovery.

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