Recovery group opens doors to game night, offers free HIV, Hep-C testing

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 10:48 PM EST
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Voices of Hope, an organization helping people in recovery stay in recovery, aims to create a community. But their recovery coaching sometimes adds a twist… they create a fun atmosphere.

Voices of Hope shows the path to recovery doesn't have to be conventional. They hosted a game night this evening… and it was a hit.

"To have friends and other people to enjoy and hangout with. To be able to have fun," says community outreach coordinator Jonathan Allen.

Allen wants to provide a community for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addictions.

But that's not all. The night also had free HIV and Hep-C testing.

"HIV used to be considered, you know, it's a death sentence I guess for lack of a better word, but it's okay, they can still live a normal life," Allen says.

And for Allen, the organization’s goal seems personal.

"I participate in recovery myself so it does hit home, and I like being able to provide every resource possible," Allen says.

Because sometimes what is needed most is a little hope.

"[Addiction] doesn't discriminate, it happens to all walks of life, and there is help, there is a second chance, it's not the end," Allen says.

Along with recovery coaching Voices of Hope offers resume building sessions and yoga classes.