Report: More Kentuckians applying to carry concealed weapons

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Newly released statistics show the number of Kentuckians applying for concealed carry licences went up by thousands last year.

The CEO of Bud Guns Shop, Joe Murphy told WKYT that getting a certificate to carry a concealed deadly weapon in the state of Kentucky isn't a long process.

Murphy said the requirement is an eight hour course.

He says lately they've seen a demand in people wanting to get licensed to carry a weapon.

"Typically summertime is the slow period. So we will only do one or two classes a month. Now they are adding classes," Murphy said.

According to the "Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapon Annual Statistical Report" by Kentucky State Police, in 2015 the amount of applications received to carry a deadly weapon increased close to 20 percent.

The report revealed that in 2015, 39,521 applications were received. In 2014 that number was at 31,889.

"We see growth every year, but it wasn't the spike that we saw in December," Murphy said.

Murphy says usually they can predict their sales for each month, but after recent mass shootings they've seen an increase in business.

"This past December was very large and it was because of the shooting out in California," he said.

Pamela Thorstad was in the shop, Wednesday buying a gun for the first time. She told WKYT hearing about Orlando and Dallas made her want to be able to protect herself.

"I feel if I have a weapon maybe I can protect myself or my loved ones," Thorstad said.

Murphy says they've started to see trends with certain types of guns as well.

"With the Orlando shooting we saw kind of an increase in what we call a Modern Sports Rifle (also known as an Assault Rifle)," he said.

Murphy told WKYT when someone comes in looking to buy a semi-automatic weapon they will ask questions.

"We do size our customers up if a customer comes in and they may be able to pass a background check, but we sense something is off we have denied sales," he said.

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