Reports look at what went wrong with Lexington's 2018 July 4 fireworks show

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Last year's Fourth of July fireworks display in Lexington landed with more of a thud than a bang.

Photo shows people watching Lexington's Fourth of July fireworks display last year.

Two new reports, one released by the city and the other by organizers, now confirm what many people complained about after watching it over downtown.

The 2018 show was organized by the Downtown Lexington Partnership, and their president admits the show wasn't great.

"I think we are in agreement that we need to take a look at the location, and the type of show we use depending on where we are at," said Terry Sweeney. "We tried something new last year and it didn’t quite work out."

Council member Bill Farmer Jr. could tell there was something wrong while the show was still happening.

"All these people on Richmond road facing downtown ready for the fireworks, and they can see they weren’t," said Farmer. "They started turning so they can watch the fireworks at idle hour instead. It was just sad, and we don’t want that to happen again."

The DLP, which is in charge of six different city events during Fourth of July, decided last year to shoot the fireworks from the top of the Lexington Financial Center downtown. They moved the show from the University of Kentucky Arboretum to help businesses, Sweeney said.

The move led to the type of fireworks to be changed, and the fireworks company promised "amazing effects," the DLP said at a committee meeting on Tuesday.

However, the city's report revealed that the company told firefighters they were concerned about the quality of the show due to using the rooftop and having to use smaller shells.

For the 2018 display, organizers will convene in March with city government in order to make decisions about this year's show.

"I think there needs to be some additional coordination between the two, and we're committed to that as well," Sweeney said.

Farmer thinks expectations should be higher for now on.

"For a city with a revolutionary name and so much history, we need big fireworks," Farmer said.

Organizers do say they plan to look for a new location this year, including possibly going back to the Arboretum.

You can watch last year's show below.

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